Tow Chain Assemblies


Tow Chain Assemblies

Tow or tie-down any car with these versatile chain assemblies

  • 5/16" x G70 Chain
  • Working Load Limit: 4,700 lbs (2,136 kgs)


Part No. Chain Length (ft) Hooks
TC506-J15-RTJ 6' 15" J-Hook + RTJ
TC510-J15-RTJ 10'
TC506-J15-TG 6' 15" J-Hook + Grab/T-Hook
TC510-J15-TG 10'
TC506-J15-GJ4 6' 15" J-Hook + Grab/ Mini J Hook
TC510-J15-GJ4 10'


Tow Chain with 15" J Hook at One End and Cluster Hook R.T. and Mini J-Hooks

Great for towing and transporting

Tow Chains with 15" J Hooks at One End and T and Grab Hooks At The Other

Great for towing, recovery and transport

Tow Chains with 15" J Hooks At One End and Mini J And Grab Hooks at The Other End

Great for wreckers and rollbacks