2″ x 33″ GRIZZLYWEB Ratchet Tail Strap with Chain Anchor


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Ratchet Tail Strap with Chain Anchor

Mix and match with winch straps to make your own unique tie-down systems

Why replace the entire ratchet strap when all you need is the short end?

CTS tail ends are offered with a variety of end fittings so you can replace your used ratchet or build a custom unit to suit your specific needs

Tail End Specifications

Part No. Strap Width Working Load Limit Tail Length
RT233-C-GW 2″ 3,335 LBS 33″
RT333-C-GW 3″ 6,000 LBS 33″
RT433-C-GW 4″ 6,600 LBS 33″


    • 3-ply webbing

    • 67% more abrasion resistant

    • 30% more resistant to edge cutting


    • Always protect webbing from sharp edges of load

    • Do not attempt to use strap above rated capacity

    • Do not use strap if there are any signs of cut webbing, heat, or chemical damage