Concrete Anchor Strap- High Rise 42″


Concrete Anchor Strap- High Rise

    • Complies with ANSI Z359.1, CSA Z259.10 standards
    • Wear sleeve for added edge and abrasion protection
    • 2″ polyester strap with 6″ loop and 4″ loop
    • Disposable and intended for one time use only
    • 5,000 LBS minimum breaking strengthMake sure that your anchor strap is attached to a structure capable of supporting 5,000LBS

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Can be installed as permanent anchors during building construction to protruded through poured concrete, as well as in temporary applications such as wood framing, rebar work, and pipe racking. Always insure that the selected attachment point can withstand loads of up to 5,000 LBS. Concrete anchor straps are intended for one impact only, and must be cut off if exposed to forces of Fall Arrest.


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