CTS Cargo Tie-Down Specialty

8 FT Auto Tie-Down w/- RTJ Cluster Hook


8 FT. Auto Tie-Down w/- RTJ Cluster Hook and Chain links

  • Working Load Limit: 3,335 lbs (1,515 kgs)
  • Assembly Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs (4,545 kgs)

*Alternate hardware and  custom lengths available upon request

Ratchet a car down tight without having to move it

 These assemblies let you quickly adjust their length from 26″ to 8′ so they can be used on either the front or rear of your car carrier bed.

One end features a cluster hook and other end has a 5/16″x 12″ length of chain to slip into bed slots.

INCLUDED A 12″ WEAR SLEEVE to protect the strap against damage.