Product Description

2" Over-Center Buckle Strap with Double Stud Fitting

Over-Center straps are a simple tie down solution for quick cinch applications.

The adjustable strap is wound into the buckle, then the buckle lever is clasped closed.

  • Standard colour: grey seat belt webbing
  • Alternate hardware and custom lengths available upon request
  • Standard fixed end length: 48"


Strap Specifications

Part No. Strap Length Colour
OC24812-DT 12 ft.    GREY   
OC24816-DT 16 ft.    GREY   
OC24820-DT 20 ft.    GREY   

Working Load Limit: 1,460 lbs. (663 kg)

Assembly Breaking Strength: 4,400 lbs. (2,000 kg)