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1″ Lifting Cargo Net with 8″ Loops on 4 Corners


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1″ Lifting Cargo Net with 8″ Loops on 4 Corners               

Working Load Limit: 1,000 lbs (454kgs)

Colours Available:  Yellow for the frame/ inner grill = black/blue for 1″ webbing , yellow for 2″ webbing

 CTS custom designs and manufactures a wide variety of web nets for interior car, van, truck and trailer. Custom nets are tailored to fit each application resulting in a highly effective load securing system.

 WARNING: All nets must be secured properly with proper hardware. It is the responsibility of installer to secure nets for proper weights and applications. We are NOT responsible for any installations or bodily harm caused by improper use of nets.


    • Specify 1″ or 2″ webbing width.

    • Specify the WIDTH x LENGTH

    • Specify the size of the SQUARE hold opening (space between webbing), 2″x 2″, 3″x 3″, 4″x 4″, 5″x 5″….

    • Optional add sewn-in hardware, O-rings, snap hooks. (see our hardware section for selection).

    • Make your cargo net adjustable by selecting ratchets or cam buckles to be included on your cargo net.

    • Specify colour: Red / Yellow / Blue / Grey / Green / White / Black / Pink


All items are custom-made and all sales are final

*Custom colours available